A warning on betting funny props on offshore books:

Hello all, long time follower first time poster. Will attempt to make this as short as I can. Betonline posted odds on the Trump/Putin meeting from last week. “Will Trump say x?” “Will Putin say x?” I bet “no” on a wide variety of props. I assumed I would take my chances that the exact phrase (according to their rules) would not be said. Official rules on each bet read like this:

G20 Summit in Hamburg 7/7. Donald Trump will sit down together with Vladimir Putin for a first in-person official bilateral meeting of the two leaders. Will POTUS use the exact phrase/word listed? Must be heard clearly on live feed.

There was a clear live feed as I’m sure nearly all of you saw. The two presidents shook hands, and discussed their meetings in front of the cameras, broadcasted live. Trump did the same thing with other world leaders such as Mexico and Germany. None of the words/phrases I bet “no” on were mentioned so I obviously thought I won. Two days later, Betonline cancelled all wagers. For a couple days I tried to work this out with their c.s. team. Betonline responded by saying there are no recording of the speech therefore all wagers were voided. I am not sure if this was reviewed by managers, or low level employees but every time I responded with the exact link of the meeting, they did not once even acknowledge it. Link below: