One of the most tilting things is setting your touchpad the way you want (in my case, I hate the "tapping" and "gestures" crap, and turn it off), just to have it revert to default settings after you reboot.

There is a bug in the driver which will cause this to happen.

You can fix this with the following registry change.

Run regedit.exe to edit the registry.


Make sure you're doing this for LOCAL_MACHINE and not CURRENT_USER.

Look for a key in that Install folder called DeleteUserSettingsOnUpgrade. If it says the value is 1, then you have this bug.

Right click, and select "Modify", and change the value to 0.

Now go back to the Synaptics control panel, set everything how you like, and reboot.

You may have to repeat this every time Windows 10 does any kind of major upgrade of itself.