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Thread: Bovada credit card payment processors skimming again

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeerAndPoker View Post
    I'm surprised Bet Online agreed on a refund those guys have given me hell in the past.

    Not sure I would want to pull the professional player card out with a site that despises pros over $79 in fees knowing it could ruin my action down if they start limiting withdrawals or giving the famous Carbon Poker gtfo to big winners but I'm glad you received a refund.
    I have a long history there, including being the biggest LHE winner on the entire site one year. They are aware I'm a pro player anyway.

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    David Payne Purdum‏Verified account @DavidPurdum

    Offshore sportsbook Bovada informs customers via email that it will no longer serve players in Delaware, Nevada, N.J, N.Y and Maryland.
    1:16 PM - 13 Sep 2017

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    To whomever was recommending depositing in bitcoin - there isn't a fast or cheap way to buy them in the US that I know of - there is always a delay and the fees are ridiculous.

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    I lasted two weeks on there site.

    They texted/called me.

    I talked to some indiian dude....they said they didn't want my busnesss.

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    No joke.

    i talked to Ryan from Ignition poker and asked why I was banned from Bovada...he said I had to ask them.

    I still have action on Ignition poker...not sure how or why. I called and sent e-mails. They said my accounts are at Silver status.

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