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Thread: NLOP poker Using PayPal

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    NLOP poker Using PayPal

    I just got a email from NLOP Poker and this is interesting

    We have some BIG news to share with you...

    We are excited to announce that NLOP has been acquired by Cafrino!

    The two brands, Cafrino and National League of Poker, will continue to operate independently for the foreseeable future. So you can expect the same great platform that you’ve come to know and love. But by combining the resources from two of the leading free-to-play and legal online poker brands, this will offer many benefits to all players. And while we feel that this is a huge win for both products and all players, the transition will take some time. So, we’re asking all of you to please bear with us. Our goal is to make NLOP better than ever!

    Some things you can expect to see in the near future:

    Bigger Cash Tournaments: We know what you’re here for… cold, hard cash… and lots of it! We’re already hard at work to launch some BIG, new cash tournaments. Over the coming weeks, new tournaments with MUCH higher prize values will be announced.

    Prizes: We’re focused on getting prize withdrawals back on track! Effective Friday, September 1, the payment processing accounts (PayPal and Dwolla) will be up and running. Initially, we’ll need to cap daily withdrawals so please bear with us as we work to complete this transition as quickly as possible. We hope to have any withdrawal restrictions removed by November. For more info on prize withdrawals, please view our FAQ.

    Premium Memberships: We've been working on exciting updates to the previous membership plans. We'll be bringing back VIP memberships with even MORE great benefits! Although we’re still working out some details, we'll announce a release date in the next few days.

    We want to thank you for your continued support and we look forward to bringing you the best online poker experience! For additional updates over the coming weeks, please follow us on Facebook.

    Good luck at the tables!


    The NLOP Team

    ................................Whats up with Paypal???????

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    I played on cafrino..

    I've cash out some $60 to PayPal through it..

    I've also played on n.l.o.p. and pure play and club wpt..

    In that world of poker I would say the rankings are.

    1. Club wpt
    2. Cafrino
    3. Pure play
    4. N.l.o.p

    I only cashed at w.p.t and cafrino..

    Wpt sends me the $ by domestic check in 3 weeks and cafrino paid through PayPal the next day..
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    Just opened an email for n.l.o.p that included the entry for a 1k freeroll this weekend.

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