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Thread: Clovis CA poker room pulling a Full Tilt??

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    Clovis CA poker room pulling a Full Tilt??

    Gaming authorities in California shut down a poker room known as 500 Club Casino which ran 12 tables of poker alleging the management didn't have cash on hand to cover the liabilities on the tables and had been repeatedly asked regarding discrepancies in the liability between chips on the poker tables and cash to back them up for cash outs. This is a real life version of Full Tilt it seems where player funds were not segregated as it were. California gaming claims the discrepancy was significant without releasing details.

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    The 500 Club in Clovis, CA, has gone through a number of racks since opening its doors. Below are the 4 most recent $1 chips. When Druff mentioned a company called Rhino providing the prop players, that rang a bell. I think someone had given me an advertising chip for Rhino. I'll have to look through my chip racks to see if I can find it. I always wondered what Rhino was and how it pertained to poker. While Druff is correct when he said that these chips would no longer be redeemable if the card room closed its doors, it's not 100% true that they would be worthless. Since few active chips manage to find their way outside of the casino, once these properties unexpectedly close some denomination have a value to collectors. The more old, scarce, or desirable a chip is, the more it will be valued on the secondary markets. Thousands of casino chips are auctioned on eBay at any moment.

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