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Thread: Scott Seiver whines about his bad luck, internet responds

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    Scott Seiver whines about his bad luck, internet responds

    I never much cared for Scott Seiver.

    He's basically a fat nerd who thinks he's hot shit because he had some success in poker, and constantly talks down to people.

    He played at my table at a limit holdem WSOP event once, and all he could do was continuously bitch about how limit holdem was a "stupid game". He did this while playing like a typical NL donk, and quickly punting off his stack. If the game is so stupid, why play?

    While he was at the table, he also managed to awkwardly flirt with a female dealer (who wasn't really responding much to him).

    Anyway, he made the final table of the $50k event, got it all in with JJ preflop, and lost to TT.

    Obviously a bad beat, but Scott immediately ran to Twitter to whine about his constant bad luck:

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    Seiver always struck me as an arrogant prick. I hope he's sucking guys off in the Rio bathroom for buyins soon

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    GUY IS F'N DISGUSTING. has to be the most tilt inducing player in the game for 5 years now

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