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Thread: Druff & Friends Show - 07/06/17 - Two Silver Chips

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    Druff & Friends Show - 07/06/17 - Two Silver Chips

    Druff explains the circumstances where he missed part of Day 2 of $3k Limit Holdem. Druff finally cashes in a 2017 WSOP event. WSOP has a "second bubble" in certain low buyin events which most don't know about. What is Chris Ferguson wins WSOP Player of the Year? Alec Torelli angleshoot story heats up, as he posted a response video. Recreational pot became legal in Nevada on July 1, PFA listener "Dizzle" calls to tell about his experiences with going to a dispensary. Introducing "Leapin' Larry" the gambling degen. Pokerstars decides to bail out cheated PKR players. Connecticut to get third casino. Editorial: Have liberals gone crazy since Trump got nominated? khalwat calls in several times from Singapore. Brandon pops on and off a few times during the show. Co-hosting for parts of the show by traderusky and Scott from the East Coast.

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