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Thread: Shocking! Popular Writer Accuses Melania Trump of Cheating on President Trump

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    Shocking! Popular Writer Accuses Melania Trump of Cheating on President Trump

    Is Trump a Cuckservative? Did she marry Trump for the money or for his charm and big cock? I'm not sure.

    In less important news.
    Trump and the GOP have totally defunded the only federal agency protecting US voting machines from hackers. FFS you can't have thousands of disenfranchised voters protesting and telling their story every time you rig an election, makes sense. Send a couple wise guys to have a pep talk w the Nate Silvers of the land, done deal. Democracy is officially dead.

    Bernie's the victim of a political witch hunt. This is what dictators do to intimidate critics.
    Decide for yourself

    Tensions Between U.S. & Russia Escalate to Terrifying New Level
    I was recruited to collude with the Russians': An unexpected player has added a new layer to the Trump campaign's Russia ties
    yawn hagd
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    At least you got one reply FPS GARBAGE

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    Trumps wife, whatever.
    Since the red rep army's already out in force might as well share the latest "crackpot conspiracy theory".
    What's with all this confusing Russia bullshit? Something's def strange.
    I'm just going to drop it on you, Israel pretty much is Russia and we've been getting played hard via the MSM, 911, ALL our elected representatives and other important people being bribed, blackmailed or both, "think tanks" lying us into wars, $6 tril in debt w no end in sight, aggressive theft of technology, insane amount of foreign aid $ and on and on and on.

    Do you realize Putin was 2015-16 M.O.Y. in Israel and Obama's seen as an enemy. Sure are a heckofalot of Russians living there.

    So lets say we implode financially and militarily or elect someone who's really antiwar etc. BDS, sanctions or some shit?
    No chance, the Samson option (via Russia?) will be used. It was already used to blackmail Nixon, google it or better yet don't.

    Now that Trump is appears to be adopting Hillary's policy on Syria and Iran.
    4 days ago

    red rep away

    Factoid: Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert left Ma’asiyahu Prison Sunday morning after serving 16 months in prison for corruption. We could use that here.

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