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Thread: Maurice Hawkins allegedly scams investor out of $22k last year

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    Maurice Hawkins allegedly scams investor out of $22k last year

    As I post this, it seems to be a developing story. I can't even find anything about it on 4.

    Today, someone I'm not familiar with, Hal Lewis, tweeted he was a backer for Maurice Hawkins in the 2016 WSOP and is owed $22,000. He claims to have messages but has not released them and claims he is taking him to court over it.

    I personally have only had 2 indirect interactions with Maurice Hawkins, both of which was on the WSOP Circuit tour. He seemed to be both verbally aggressive and aggressive with his play. Likes to play the table bully. Other than that I really know nothing about him.

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    I seen the post as Daniel Negreanu has actually replied to it by tagging Maurice Hawkins. So far Hawkins has been silent. This is only about 8 hours old at this time.

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    This is also on the first page of a google search of "Maurice Hawkins Florida"

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    That arrest records along with a couple of traffic citations can be found here: https://applications.mypalmbeachcler...ew/search.aspx

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    This was resolved "amicably" and classified as a "misunderstanding".


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