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Thread: Former poker scammer Max Heinzelmann dies (possible suicide) at age 26

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    Former poker scammer Max Heinzelmann dies (possible suicide) at age 26

    Troubled poker pro Max Heinzelmann, aka "HotKarlMC", has died. While his death was listed as "natural causes", many believe he actually killed himself.

    In September 2014, there was a big 2+2 thread about Max scamming people:

    Max admitted that he did scam people, but I don't believe many (or any) ever got paid back.

    I am very well aware of what I did, and yes I did lie to a lot of people about what I did just to cover up what I did. Iím trying to figure out paying everyone back at this point and fixing and owning up to my mistakes. I donít ever expect to have anyone respecting me again or anything for what Iíve done, and thatís fine. Iíve fucked up and Iím very well aware of that. Iíve made a lot of mistakes and Iím ashamed of the way I handled it. Iíll do my best to pay everyone back as quickly as I can and make sure that I own up to what Iíve done wrong. Iím in contact with the people that I owe money to and Iím trying to correct this as quickly as I can.
    Max is perhaps best known for cracking Shaun Deeb's aces in the 2011 WSOP Main with A6o.

    Here is a writeup regarding his death:

    Laughably, a German poker site called wrote an obituary for Max, but titled it, "Seat Open". People thought it was in bad taste, and they quickly changed the title.

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    His GF said it wasn't a suicide on Mason's site.

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    I hated him so much for how he played that A6. That hand epitmized the (then) new age tourney pro in my opinion. 4 bet, 5 bet, 6bet a6o, just keep reraising garbage with no rhyme or reason. That is how they all seemed to be playing at that time. I have come to forgive him. everybody has been trying to figure out how he died. suicide was suspected, but now it doesn't sound like it to me. somebody said he had been in the hospital for a while.

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    Forgot about this kid. Thought his play on the ME telecast was pretty bad, although it seemed it was edited to where he was a "villain". Scammers gonna scam. Can't feel sorry for him.

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    Oh, well.

    Life will go on.

    Mine will, anyway.

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