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Thread: Poker Stars crashed June 4th 4Pm PST

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    Poker Stars crashed June 4th 4Pm PST

    I was playing a tourney and it just stopped dealing. I logged out and in but nothing was working. Finally my tournament popped up but I had lost 12k in chips. 90 minutes into the crash there was a notice that it was canceled due to technical reasons. They must have done a chip chop because I got paid about $120. Pissed me off. Was playing a tourney with almost 10k in players and was down to 1500 and was about in 400th place with 25k for first.

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    Got this email:

    Dear MattR151,

    Tournament #1924351793 has been cancelled due to technical reasons.

    When a tournament is cancelled, and players have already reached the money, we refund each player their tournament fee, and then divide up the prize pool based on the following formula:

    - each player receives the minimum prize not yet awarded at the time of cancellation
    - the remainder of the award pool distributed proportionally according to the chip count

    At the time of cancellation there were 1424 players remaining, and your chip count was 58,967.00. Total chips in play were 102,300,000.00. The remaining prize pool was USD 189,910.02 and the minimum prize was USD 37.11.

    Prize pool to be divided equally: USD 37.11 * 1424 = USD 52,844.64
    Prize pool to be divided based on chip count: USD 189,910.02 - USD 52,844.64 = USD 137,065.38

    Your share in money equally divided: USD 37.11
    Your share based on your chip count: USD 137,065.38 * (58,967.00 / 102,300,000.00) = USD 79.00
    Your entry fee refunded: USD 2.00

    Total money refunded to your Stars Account: USD 118.12

    We apologize for the inconvenience.

    PokerStars Support

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    When it crashed I was in the Big Blind. And because of this stupid bug I lost over 12k in chips and I would have received more money. Also I noticed that 400 people were not longer in the tournament from the time it crashed to when it came back on. So obviously the blinds were still going somehow even though nobody could play.

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