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Thread: Druff, Drexel, & Vwls Show - 06/20/2012 - That Damn Sound Card

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    Druff, Drexel, & Vwls Show - 06/20/2012 - That Damn Sound Card

    Druff's brand new sound card breaks mid-show, which seems to be a bummer, until it leads to a hilarious Colonel Fabersham prank call to an Indian tech support rep. We discuss Week 3 of the WSOP, including Ivey's 5 final tables. User JSTAT calls in to tell us about his encounter where Zak from Quadjacks allegedly threatened to beat him up in a dark alley. Matt the Rat checks in to give an update on his WSOP and his ongoing problem with Getty Images trying to shake him down for money. Vwls answers a few questions from the chat room, and the three hosts discuss how to get rid of a girl after a one-night-stand. Druff talks about a weird experience playing poker at the Hard Rock. Slim T calls in and plays "Older or Younger Than Druff", and puts on a streaky performance. Someone at the Venetian Poker Room interrupts a prank call and re-pranks Colonel Fabersham.

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