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Thread: New rule: No content from 2+2 allowed to be reposted here

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    New rule: No content from 2+2 allowed to be reposted here

    Mason Malmuth's lawyer e-mailed me on March 31 with a demand to cease posting (and to cease allowing others to post) 2+2 content on this site.

    I did not see the e-mail until today, because he sent it to an e-mail address I rarely check.

    While the vast, vast majority of posts on this site do NOT contain 2+2 content, I told the lawyer that I was willing to comply with this demand.

    Therefore, when posting any content from 2+2 in the future, please only post links to the thread or specific post.

    The letter did state an allowance of "brief snippets of Two Plus Two’s content for commentary purposes", referring to the concept of Fair Use. However, while not defined by the e-mail, I would like these "brief snippets" to contain no more than a few sentences. If more than that, please simply link the 2+2 thread or post.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

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    What happened to the Win-Win that PP was saying that 4 was all about? Is that now off the table?

    Maybe somebody can find that thread & link it here so we can all have a good fucking laugh. What a fucking clown.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hockey Guy
    I'd say good luck in the freeroll but I'm pretty sure you'll go on a bender to self-sabotage yourself & miss it completely or use it as the excuse of why you didn't cash.

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    wtf is this a joke?

    Can Nigle Fabrosham please call Mason about 4 podcast using PFA drama sound drop + bill for last weeks advertisements?

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