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Thread: PokerStars goes offline - people get screwed

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    PokerStars goes offline - people get screwed

    Saw this posted on fb so can't confirm the truth of this, but thought Druff might want to investigate.

    Supposeldy a $10k Spin-N-Go prize was not awarded because it was canceled.

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    It gets worse.

    Look at this exploit players were using to register for soon-to-be-canceled tournaments, and automatically make money without playing a single hand:

    This was posted by Justin Bonomo -- a guy I rarely agree with, but he's 100% correct here.

    Cliffs: Stars came up with a stupid method to refund people when tournaments get canceled, where 50% of the prize pool is split evenly among all players, and 50% has to do with their chip stack. When the server started having issues, people registered for as many tournaments as possible, knowing they would likely be canceled and they would automatically make money.

    Also, Pokerstars apparently paid one guy MORE than first place money, which is LOL.

    I'm sure Pokerstars will brush this matter under the rug, as they usually do when they screw something up.

      Shizzmoney: extremely fucked up. Stars needs to fix this

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    This is such fail. . The fact PS allowed people to register for tournaments when they were paused is ridiculous to say the least.. Say what you will I guarantee this crap never would've happened under Isai and the rest.. These folks are destroying PS credibility..
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