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Thread: Afraid of staying at the Rio during WSOP? Don't be!

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    Afraid of staying at the Rio during WSOP? Don't be!

    Every year we keep hearing stories about "thefts" from Rio rooms. Supposedly the safes keep being broken into, laptops get stolen, and basically it is portrayed that the property is a hotbed of crime perpetrated by the hotel's evil staff.

    This is FALSE!

    While there are some isolated incidents of staff-perpetrated crime at the Rio, in reality this is VERY UNCOMMON, and in most cases these "victims" are simply making up stories or covering up for their own carelessness.

    When a Rio room theft is reported on social media, ask yourself these questions:

    1) Is the victim backed or staked?
    Often players who show up to play WSOP events using other people's money can't help themselves, and they shoot it off in the pits or poker cash games. Rather than admit to having stolen the money, they blame it on theft.

    2) Is the victim in Vegas with what appears to be his only money?
    Many people don't like admitting to failure, especially if they hold themselves out to be a successful poker pro. Even when they lose their own money, some players like to make excuses why they're not playing the WSOP events they said they would enter. It's much easier to say, "All the money I brought disappeared from my safe!" than, "I brought my last $3000 to Vegas, and I lost it playing $10/$20 NL last night."

    3) Does the victim have a gambling problem?
    As an extension to the two points listed above, a "theft victim" with a known gambling problem is far more likely to manufacture a story explaining money disappearing than a non-degenerate. You should take any "OMG they stole everything" stories from a degenerate gambler with a grain of salt.

    4) Is there a roommate?
    A surprisingly high percentage of Rio theft "victims" have a roommate. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what probably actually happened.

    5) Did the victim invite others into his room recently, such as hookers or other degen gamblers?
    Access is often key. Often visitors will see the room occupant entering his safe code and then steal money when he's out of the room or sleeping. Other times the safe won't be closed correctly, also allowing stuff to be stolen. In a few cases, security sometimes forgets to ask for ID when a person in the room requests a "forgotten password" safe to be unlocked. In general, you shouldn't let ANYONE in your room while you're sleeping, drunk, or gone, unless you have extreme trust in them.

    6) Did the victim leave valuables out in plain sight?
    This occurs way more often than you think. Maids in general don't steal things, but if tempted with something easy (cash, expensive jewelry, etc), they might do it. Also, valuables in plain sight can be stolen by room visitors, maintenance men, etc. Always lock valuables in the safe.

    7) Did the victim make his room number public to numerous people?
    Rio security isn't perfect. If someone knows your room number, and knows you're busy (such as in the middle of playing a WSOP event), they can attempt to access your room in various ways. Therefore, keeping your room number secret (to everyone besides trusted friends) is important. Someone mouthing off about his room number in public is asking to be a victim of crime. He's also more likely to be the victim of a "hallway mugging".

    8) Does the victim often tell "Look what bad thing happened to me!" stories?
    Unfortunately, some people just love attention, and some get it by constantly claiming victimhood. If the theft "victim" is someone who seems to be in the middle of unverifiable crises on a near-daily basis, it's wise to discount their claims.

    9) Does the victim often abuse drugs or alcohol?
    It's hard to remember exactly what you did (or even who you were with) when wasted on alcohol or drugs. If you wake up from a drug binge and find all of your money gone, it's probably at least partially your fault in some way.

    If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then the "Rio theft victim" is likely either not telling the truth or caused their own problem to some extent.

    Use common sense, and you are unlikely to be a victim there!

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    fucking shill

      Sanlmar: Substitute "Rio" with "Lock Poker" and it has a familiar tone

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    I don't recommend using the room safe for tons of cash. Just deposit it at the cashier of the casino you are staying at. It is like a bank account but only your wife doesn't know about it.

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    The Rio is a shithole.

    Druff only stays there because he is a Seven Stars member and almost "everything" is free.

    If he had to pay for it, he would not be staying at the Rio.

    The lock mechanism on every hotel door needs to be changed. A few years ago, a hacker convention showed exactly how to bypass the electronic locks that worked perfectly at certain hotels including the Rio. They were also able to easily get into the safe in the room.

    You do not want to be at the Rio longer than you have to.

    There are better, cheaper and safer options nearby.

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    Was this demonstrated at DEFCON?

    Are you sure the locks and safes shown at the convention were the same ones used at the Rio?

    Also, even if this is true, couldn't this be said for just about any Vegas hotel?

    BTW, this is part of the reasons I stated in the original post that you shouldn't give out your room #!

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    Yes, it was DEFCON.

    I think the hack only affected Onity key card locks, which is only about 25% of hotel rooms.
    Most hotels have already changed every single lock so this hack won't work.
    Of course some cheap hotels and motels still have not.

    Black Hat hacker gains access to 4 million hotel rooms with Arduino microcontroller

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