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Thread: Sideways iPhone image problem fixed?

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    Sideways iPhone image problem fixed?

    I have attempted a fix of the "sideways iPhone image upload problem".

    This may or may not work.

    iPhones mark pictures as a landscape (sideways), even if they're portraits (upright), but place an "orientation" EXIF tag into each image to correct it upon display.

    ImageMagick (the processing library for images on this forum) ignores that tag.

    Therefore, this forum displays iPhone images sideways if they're taken as a portrait, unless they are manually re-saved on a computer.

    I have made a modification which I think will fix this.

    Please upload iPhone images to this thread -- one portrait and one landscape -- and see if this works.


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    I buy a lot of office supplies from Staples. They give Staples Rewards coupons. I had several hundred dollars in coupons that were gonna expire the next day.

    On a whim I used them to get a HP Windows 10 computer.

    I use Wintel computers at work and for my trading station. I absolutely never surf on them. They are single purpose machines.

    Any time I hit Google (just kidding, I use goduckgo) I use iPhone, iPad, Mac.

    I have almost never viewed PokerFraudAlert from Windows. I have never witnessed the sideways issue. I used the new Windows 10 machine once to view PFA and could not believe you guys live like that. Horrendous.

    I once asked why the fuck Tapatalk existed - now I have some notion.

    I paid nothing out of pocket for the Windows PC and that's exactly what it is worth to me

    The Windows 10 PC will make a great door stop.

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    This is a good Sideways iPhone image. I don't know why so many think Pinot is the bomb but I blame it on this movie
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