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Thread: Friend of Mine has V P N funding question

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    Friend of Mine has V P N funding question


    A friend of mine recently acquired a V P N for Partying and playing Poker. He found the easy part to be setting up the account, he is however unsure about the best way to go about funding it. I guess this guy will have to verify his ID at some point. Hopefully he has his shopping done and his photo is good before then? Maybe this guy could P2P transfer but I wonder if he'd need to be on paper for that and a what point, the giving or receiving?

    That guy needs all the help he can get and would probably really appreciate it! I'd make sure to pass on any PM's to him as well.

    Glad I don't have to worry about this since I live in a Free country though!

    Thanks everyone and I hope this is in the right spot.

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    P2P Transfer is the only way to get his account funded or BitCoins.
    It depends on the site. IF you trying PokerStars.. Forget it.
    I have been caught twice on pokerstars ( 6 month runs) with a VPN and both times Kept my bankroll.

    After that good luck cashing out. Only way is to player dump.

    . VPN not 100% secure. Once link is dropped the original IP address will be shown.

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    Party Poker have gotten shit hot on security these days. I would do a small transaction first to test the water, but chances are it will be flagged.

    PTP xfer would 100% be flagged on the first instance.

    As suggested, chip dumping is the only way that might work, but then you've got to not be obvious.

    Good luck, though.

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