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Thread: Absolute Poker Remission process beginning?

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    Absolute Poker Remission process beginning?

    Interesting development today on AP Remission process.

    June 9th. 2017 is the deadline to file.

    DOJ to set up remission process for players who lost $$ on Absolute Poker:

    Website (similar to GCC/FTP) for people to file claims

    From Kevmath below:

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    I got an email today and wasn't sure of what userid I had finally got it and then it popped over to my final balance. And this is what it said.

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    Phil Hellmuth talked a little today on Joey's podcast. I believe it's around the 1 hour 1 minute mark.

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    Saw today was the deadline so finally decided to read what to do. Clicked the link and they actually had all my info correct and my balance. So looks like I just found some free money.

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    there has been trouble for props. they gave us an extention however... shrug

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