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Thread: Druff & Friends Show - 04/07/17 - Live at the Bust

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    Druff & Friends Show - 04/07/17 - Live at the Bust

    Show dedicated to Grandma Rosa, who passed away today. khalwat, Brandon, and traderusky co-host. Druff selling pieces of himself for WSOP 2017. Chico Loco calls a pizza place with a crazy owner. Bicycle Casino raided by federal authorities, shut down for 24 hours. Discussion of money laundering at poker rooms. Will Bike bust affect Pokerstars' legalization effort in California? David Tuchman, Bart Hanson return to Live at the Bike. Winning Poker Network hit with DDoS attack during tournament, PFA user gets ransomware virus. Update on the $500k gambling debt owed to Marc Klang by Paul Dlugozima & others. Female listener "Michelle" calls up to tell story of sexual harassment by Ballys pit boss., sister site to Bovada, clamping down on deposit bonus angle shooters. Man loses $100k jackpot after letting female companion press spin button for him. NL Holdem bot to play for $290,000 in match in China. Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City sold to Hard Rock. Caesars Palace self-parking follies, MGM to charge more for parking soon. Which live poker games in Vegas have the best rake and best comps?

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