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Thread: Caesars, Gamblit Gaming launch skill-based gaming

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    Caesars, Gamblit Gaming launch skill-based gaming

    Caesars Entertainment Corp. and Gamblit Gaming on Thursday announced their first skill-based gaming experience in Las Vegas has debuted at Planet Hollywood for its initial field trial phase.

    “Our partnership with Gamblit brings a unique experience to our casino floors and is an important step toward modernizing our customers gaming experience,” said Caesars Entertainment President and CEO Mark Frissora said in a statement.

    Gamblit’s social and interactive game tables, called the ModelG can host between two and four players for a head-to-head gaming experience.

    Each gaming terminal offers a unique, multi-player – multi-game machine with access to a shared 42-inch touch screen, plus a USB charging port, purse hook and two cup holders for each player.

    The three game tables at Planet Hollywood will initially feature two games at launch, Gamblit Poker and Cannonbeard’s Treasure.

    Pending final regulatory approval, additional Gamblit games will be installed at various Caesars Entertainment properties throughout much of Nevada including Caesars Palace, The Linq Hotel and Harrah’s Lake Tahoe.

    Harrah’s Resort Southern California will be the first to debut the skill-based gaming tables in the state California.

    Once field trials at these properties are complete, Caesars anticipates installing an additional 200 terminals throughout its U.S. based properties.

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    Another great post Alpha.

    I called this years ago.

    The importance of slots to a casino is a given. However, it's aged player base is dying off and kids will not replace them.

    Skill based games are the future. Very interesting that it this has finally arrived.

    Might be a good investment opportunity here

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    Skill-based games’ early returns encourage Gamblit chief

    Less than a week after the first skill-based gaming machines debuted in Nevada at Planet Hollywood, very preliminary returns look good, says the CEO of Gamblit Gaming, the company that built them.

    The games, Cannonbeard’s Treasure and Gamblit Poker, are the first fully skill-based casino games to go live in Nevada. They began operating at the Caesars property on March 30 as part of a field trial, made possible by the Nevada Gaming Control Board’s “Innovation Beta" plan, that allows quicker testing and approval of new gambling technology.

    Eric Meyerhofer, CEO and a founder of Gamblit, was asked about the games by A.G. Burnett, chairman of the Control Board, at a hearing Wednesday. Meyerhofer was there to testify for an unrelated financial issue concerning his company when Burnett took a moment to ask about the progress of the games.

    Meyerhofer replied that the results so far are promising.

    “Things are going great,” Meyerhofer said, explaining how he had made time to watch how customers were interacting with the games. “The people were younger. I saw some great crowd enthusiasm. People were fist-bumping even when they were losing, which is a great sign. I saw a lot of families playing and people sitting for an hour-and-a-half jawing with each other.”

    Meyerhofer mentioned a few points of interest about the way the games are being played so far:

    • Average play time is around 45 minutes.

    • Some people are playing for a couple of hours at a time.

    • He saw a lot of cases where, because the game was unfamiliar, players would only bet small amounts, about $2. But as they played, they would bet larger amounts, about $20.

    Meyerhofer cautioned that it was still very early. But he said he was encouraged that the earnings were coming at a rate that would justify having the games on the floor.

    “The big thing to know is ‘Are we finding new dollars? Are we growing the market?’” he said. “And it looks like we are skewing younger.”
    Cannonbeard’s Treasure and Gamblit Poker are currently being tested at Planet Hollywood.

    How skillful do you need to be before Caesars bans you from playing these skill-based gaming machines?

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    Space Invaders skill-based gaming lands in Atlantic City

    Can't wait until some kids playing pac-man take these casinos for over $500,000.

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    wish I remember what video it was but I saw an explanation of these "skill based games"...

    it's kinda bullshit...if memory serves the one I saw was a shooting based game, while there was skill in the game it seemed like there was a way for the game to fuck you and even if you were an elite sharpshooter you wouldn't always win at the while having a "skill" probably gives you a better shot of winning (think counting cards) it doesn't necessarily guarantee you while they're gonna market the shit out of it as "skill based", it's more quasi-skill based...and that "quasi" word is worth a lotta money...

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    That's odd. This article from June 10 claims the skill based games are gone:

    More importantly, it explains that they have an eye-popping 17% house edge!!! WTF!!!

    So I think this explains the "skill" part.

    I'm guessing that the average player gets absolutely crushed, whereas the "skillful" player can take it to a more reasonable house edge (maybe 4%?), but I highly doubt that any player could become skillful enough to be +EV on the machines. They are likely programmed to be difficult enough to where no human player can beat them.

    Clearly Caesars and the slot manufacturer are aware of the fact that someone could stomp on them hard if the machines are beatable, given enough skill.

    The whole skill-based gaming thing is stupid, and I don't believe it will catch on like they think.

    This is because all video games have a learning curve. You don't just sit down and kick ass. You always suck the first time you play, and then you slowly improve.

    With traditional video games, the cost of improving is either zero (if you own the game on your computer or console) or minimal (if you are playing in the arcade for 25c-$1 per pop.)

    However, no one is going to attempt to "get good" at a skill-based casino game and shoot off a ton of money while doing so. This is especially true because they're aimed at millennials, who are likely not deeply bankrolled and won't want to invest much money into this.

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