Cydia Impactor is having some issues these days, which leaves you out of luck if you need to "reactivate" your Pangu (iOS 9) jailbreak, which tends to go bad fairly often.

You used to just have to delete Pangu, connect your iPhone to your computer, run Impactor, run Pangu again, and you'd be home free.

Now that won't work, given Impactor's problems.

Jay Freeman (saurik) released a new Impactor today, but it isn't working for a lot of people (including me).

If your Pangu jailbreak on iOS 9 stops working:

However, you can go here: from Safari on your phone, follow the instructions, and it will reactivate an existing iOS 9 jailbreak.

Other notes:

- If your phone is not yet jailbroken, this won't work

- If you have iOS 10, this won't work

- If you have iOS 10.2.1 or later, not only won't this work, but there's no way to jailbreak your phone at this time