I was speaking to a friend of mine who works as a blockchain developer for a trading firm in Chicago and apparently there is test-run for a "private" game that is circulating through some companies who work directly in cryptocurrency.

It is invite only, but he told me the format will be through BitCoin so I am unsure how they would know whether an entry was from inside the industry or not.

Apparently, it is a particularly crude first-run, which is why they are having people familiar with cryptocurrency give this a beta test.

Once I get it, I can share it, but they basically are supplying a community vault address where everyone sends their buy-in (unclear yet whether it's going to be $5 or $10). You also need to fill-out a bracket on an Excel spreadsheet and email it to them.

I believe the beta/crude part of it is that you email them your bracket, they email you back a unique identifier, and then you include the unique identifier within the message portion of your Bitcoin transfer. You also MUST include a return BitCoin address in the message when you send your buy-in, as this is where any winnings will be sent back to if your bracket is in the money.

If anyone is interested, please let me know. I should be getting all of the details and the format of things this week. I was thinking about submitting multiples, since they ultimately don't really know who is entering the competition. I'll post the details here, but they won't have the official Excel bracket made until March 12, probably March 13th, since they need to codify it to automate the scoring. However, I think you can buy-in now and receive your unique identifier, so I can find out the vault address and the bracket email and post it to here as well.