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Thread: Druff & Friends Show - 02/23/17 - The Flip and The Firing

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    Druff & Friends Show - 02/23/17 - The Flip and The Firing

    Absolute Poker founder/cheater Scott Tom surrenders to US authorities. BetOnline live blackjack dealer accused of cheating player, caught on video. Brent Beckley, former Absolute Poker cheater, takes job at BetOnline. We watch a bit of the GPI Awards and heckle the show from afar. Jaclynn Moskow, Fernando Rosas accused by Jason Mercier of cheating in Open Face. Limon goes off on Doug Polk, gets fired from Live at the Bike. Online poker payment processor & telemarketing scammer Jeremy Johnson hit with contempt of court. Super High Roller Bowl runs into embarrassing registration mixup. Druff runs into laughable error involving Caesars Palace reservation. Pay $395 and get Diamond status at Caesars, but is it a good idea?

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