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Thread: PokerStars.FR banning all non France players effective 2/13

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    PokerStars.FR banning all non France players effective 2/13

    As much as I'd like to blame Amaya for this it's clear this came down from the morons in the French Government. PokerNews is reporting all players not located in France and its outlying territories will be unable to play on PokerStars.FR starting 2/13. Previously non French players were allowed if they had a EU bank acct and weren't in a prohibited country or another country with a seperate PS site.

    I'm not sure what the fuck the French are thinking by banning outside players. I mean what can go wrong right. Lose a chunk of their player pool thus lowering the liquidity and rake the site takes in, driving players from the site. I don't know how much stupider they could be honestly. I can't believe French recs were complaining about non France based players on the site unless it was due to euro sharks feeding on the fish but I doubt it.
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    this shit is why poker is dying

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