Nevada casinos raked $117,753,000 from poker cash games in 2016, according to figures released Tuesday from state regulators. The amount was two-tenths of a percentage point less than what was raked in 2015.

There were 73 poker rooms with a combined 661 tables as of mid-December.

Thatís the fewest number of poker rooms since the 58 that were open in 2003, according to the University of Nevada Las Vegas Center for Gaming Research. Itís also the fewest live tables since the 484 in 2004. The last time Nevada poker rooms raked less from poker was in 2004 when rake was $98.9 million.

As most people know, Nevada witnessed a poker boom in the mid-2000s. Poker revenue reached a high of $168 million in 2007, but then the market contracted in eight of the next nine years. The only year since the height of the poker boom in which revenue increased over the previous year was in 2013 (half a percentage point gain).

Poker revenue includes money from online poker, but the Silver State doesnít release a breakdown between live and online because thereís basically just one operator in the market. Nevada kicked off its real-money online poker industry in 2013.

According to Nevada law, poker tournaments are considered an amenity and thus are not included in gross gaming revenue. Poker revenue is just money raked from the cash games.

The Las Vegas Strip area had about $78 million of the $117.8 million raked last year. Strip area poker revenue was up nearly a percentage point year-over-year. There were 21 poker rooms with a combined 320 tables on or around the stateís main casino corridor.

Hereís a look at Nevada poker revenue by month in 2016:

January: $9.5 million (2.85 percent decrease)
February: $8.98 million (5.44 percent increase)
March: $9.68 million (0.01 percent decrease)
April: $8.57 million (0.86 percent increase)
May: $8.88 million (13.92 percent decrease)
June: $16.14 million (1.88 percent increase)
July: $12.33 million (7.63 percent increase)
August: $8.24 million (3.23 percent decrease)
September: $8.44 million (1.47 percent increase)
October: $8.71 million (0.23 percent decrease)
November: $8.92 million (0.65 percent decrease)
December: $9.37 million (0.09 percent increase)

Overall Nevada casino revenue last year was $11.26 billion, an increase of about a percent compared to 2015.