There is a proud Los Angeles tradition, dating back at least three decades, where people are followed home from the poker room and mugged (or worse).

It doesn't help that many of the LA-area poker rooms are also located in bad or semi-bad neighborhoods.

Meet Dominick Roberson.

He's 27, and from Paramount, which is located right next to Compton.

When you're a perpetually losing poker player, and your name is Roberson, it's pretty obvious what your next move is.

In 2015, Roberson followed home 4 different women from various LA poker rooms and robbed them.

He also tried to follow home a man from Hawaiian Gardens (also an LA area room), but the guy successfully fought him off.

See, that's another proud LA tradition.

You would think thad badass dudes with guns could pretty much mug anyone, but that's usually not what happens. Instead, they go after the low-hanging fruit -- women and old people. They don't want to mess with the young or middle aged dudes, because they figure there's always a chance it can end badly, and why bother risking it if you can target defenseless 100-pound Asian women or elderly people who can barely walk?

True to form, Roberson successfully robbed the 4 women, yet bricked the robbery of the one dude he tried to target, so maybe these muggers have a point regarding victim game selection.

Roberson scored $1000-$6000 per robbery of the 4 women last year.

They arrested him in a poker room while playing in October 2015. It is unclear what led authorities to Roberson.

He was sentenced to 104 months this week, following his guilty conviction.

Here is Haley Hintze's article about it on Flushdraw:

In Haley's article, it claims he was convicted in October 2015, which was the same month he was arrested. That seems way too fast, especially given that sentencing would have taken place 14 months later. I presume he was convicted in October 2016, and the article was mistaken.