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Thread: Druff & Friends Show - 12/14/2016 - The Starfish

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    Druff & Friends Show - 12/14/2016 - The Starfish

    khalwat co-hosts. Mike Dentale/Cate Hall grudge heads up match tentatively scheduled after Twitter war. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid back on hot seat regarding alleged $2 million Full Tilt bribe. DOJ to keep $45 million of Full Tilt remissions payments after final round of payments to players completes. Fight breaks out on opening night of long-anticipated MGM National Harbor Casino, Scott from East Coast calls to tell us of his evening there. Larry Laffer and a drunk handicapme call in. Washington State keeps seizing money from online gambling payment processors. Pokerstars pro Jake Cody reveals he was robbed while skinny dipping. Lucky Chewy Poker opens beta site, earns mockery from the internet. Cosmopolitan to join those charging for Vegas parking. Cat Hulbert, longtime gambling figure, writes long article about her life in poker and blackjack, Druff talks about personal experience with her. Man blows $1 Million on cars, strippers and cocaine after bank glitch. Second massive Yahoo hacking announced, could affect purchase by Verizon. What to do about Russian influence on US Presidential election? traderusky also co-hosts for 2 hours.

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