I had a brief history with Cat in 2004.

I encountered her on the Interpoker network in high stakes limit holdem games -- which were a mixture of pros and megafish. These were great games, but they revolved around getting a seat when the megafish were there.

I befriended Cat while chatting with her, and I joked about how I wished there was some kind of "donk alert" which would call me whenever a megafish sat. Cat said that she watched the games frequently and would be my personal "donk alert" if I wanted.

I gave her my phone #, and indeed she was calling me every time a known fish sat. Keep in mind that she was about 20 years older than me, so there were no sexual or romantic overtones to the whole thing. Not sure why she offered this, and she never asked for anything in return. One of my friends assumed maybe she liked young guys and was interested in me, but if that was true, she never said anything along those lines.

This went on for a few weeks, but one of my other friends (you might remember him as Good Eats! on Stars) took a bad beat against her and really let her have it. He said a lot of really insulting things to her (mostly about her age), and she was furious. Cat told me something like, "Your friend ruined it for you", and never talked to me again.

I was pissed at Good Eats about this, but he told me that he assumed she wouldn't take his behavior out on me, and had just always disliked her for some reason.

Oh well.