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Thread: Druff & Frends Show - 12/07/16 - Lost in Translation

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    Druff & Frends Show - 12/07/16 - Lost in Translation

    khalwat co-hosts this sometimes outrageous episode. PFA Exclusive: Massive PayPal/ACR chargeback scam in progress. Circle gets out of bitcoin exchange business, reduces options for bitcoin gamblers. badguy23 calls in to give useful info about using bitcoin to gamble. Mike Sexton says he lost out on $500 million by selling Party Poker stocks too early. Phil Ivey files weird response to ruling in Borgata lawsuit, and Druff translates a legal statement into pimp-speak. Victory for two men whose money was improperly seized in Iowa "civil forfeiture" traffic spot. Live poker "vloggers" told to stop filming at the table. Donald Trump supposedly blocks Doyle Brunson on Twitter. Caesars to give "rewards" for visiting multiple properties in first quarter of 2017. The electoral college: Should it exist? That Hanson Kid calls in and points out the ongoing Cate Hall/Mike Dentale Twitter drama. Using credit cards to get free and upgraded hotel rooms in 2017.

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