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Thread: Druff & Maybe Drexel Show - 11/16/16 - Breakin' Up is Hard To Do!

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    Druff & Maybe Drexel Show - 11/16/16 - Breakin' Up is Hard To Do!

    Is Drexel leaving the show for good? Chipcounter and nutty007 split time as co-hosts with Druff. Issac Tucker, owner of iNinja Poker Tournaments, accused of scamming. Pokerstars announces changes to VIP program for 2017, further degrades things. Former Amaya CEO David Baazov attempts to acquire company. New Jersey proposition to expand gaming outside of Atlantic City fails. Brooklyn-area bust of high-stakes gambling, loan-sharking, and drug ring. Borgata seeks over $15 million from Phil Ivey due to "expectation losses". UK government to crack down on "spam gambling texts". Caesars spams Seven Stars members with silly offer. Did Hillary Clinton stage a hiking photo the day after her defeat? Trump's Cabinet picks analysis.

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