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Thread: New Poker scam site up and running since June apparently

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    New Poker scam site up and running since June apparently

    Although its not a true poker site as you would think. This is some shady as fuck HYIP type site that claims it generates profits for 'Investors' by using their money to play poker. I cant tell if they are openly claiming to be using a botfarm although it wouldn't surprise me.. They have some lame document claiming legit business existence. Appears registered end of May 2016. Did trace back to a Russian Domain Name Server company as I suspected.

    They have 3 'levels' of investment

    Two Pairs which supposedly guarantees 0.6%-0.9% daily over 65day period for investment of $10-$300
    Full House which supposedly guarantees 1-1.99% daily over a 165 day period for investment of $301-$5000
    Royal Flush which supposedly guarantees 2-3.5% daily over a 365 day period for investment of $5001-$30k

    Now the funny part this is their About Us section:
    About us

    Only professional approach to game can provide the guaranteed positive result and profit. Based on this statement, we created the Bet On Poker LTD company with progressive views and approaches to carrying out gamblings.Our specialization it is the controlled and high-predicted bets for the result of game in online poker with use of the corresponding "Bet on poker" software applications. It is game which is very similar on usual game in poker "Texas Hold 'Em" and which at the same time is very dynamic and profitable business on condition of professional approach to betting process.

    During creation of the company we were guided by the experience which is saved up in five years of game online and also used the high-performance computer programs capable with a high share of probability to predict a winning hand in this or that bet as a basis. It gives us advantage and indisputable leadership among the similar companies

    Now they claim to be registered in Australia and working in London.. I don't know about you but English doesn't seem to be their first language by a long shot.. My Guess is bunch of nutty Russians trying to gain stakes online in a shady scammy fashion

      Charham: Good find. Fraud alert

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    Interesting. Because of the Australia claim, I was thinking Southeast Asian but could be Russian like you said. I'm hardly an expert on this issue, but those funding methods for players seem obscure to me.

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