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Thread: Geolocation fail at Borgata and NJ sites

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    Geolocation fail at Borgata and NJ sites

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    Waiting for some asinine comment from the likes of Rep Chavetz from UT who loves to claim Geolocator software doesn't stop outsiders from playing when in fact this proves without a doubt it works too well as it shut down all legal action in NJ because players couldn't have their locations verified.

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    it would be one thing if this happened within the first few months or even first year of operations...would that be ideal? obviously not because you would hope operators would get their shit together before launch, but it would at least be understandable...

    the fact that this shit is happening 2+ years into legal gaming in jersey is a fucking are you supposed to take legal online poker seriously if shit like this happens this far into the operation...very surprised it happened at Borgata, because they're the one operator in jersey that has their shit together...if this happened on wsop I wouldn't bat an eye because Caesars has a bunch of incompetent buffoons running shit...

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