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Thread: New high-end poker cheating device that read marked cards via smartphone

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    New high-end poker cheating device that read marked cards via smartphone

    Interesting article on a device that can read marked cards remotely.

    Full(er) House: Exposing high-end poker cheating devices

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    BTW, Defcon is a hacker conference they've been doing in Las Vegas since 1993. A friend who attended the first Defcon in 1993 invited me to come with him in 1995. It seemed interesting, but I didn't end up going (I forgot why).

    I had loose plans to go in subsequent years, but never ended up making it, even during the years I lived in Veags.

    Now it has 22,000 attendees (up from 100 the first year), and I think it would be pretty insufferable for that reason.

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    I talked about this years ago. There is a whole crazy story involved with homegames and such a device. The guy would buy in with a huge amount of chips in seat 5 so he could place the phone right up front facing the dealer. lol. There were lots of other tells.

    The funny thing is how it was obvious the house was in on it, but a couple weeks later and those games are back running. lol degenerates.

    BTW I went to hohocon which predated defcon. I'm uberl33t.

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