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Thread: pizza delivered in Vegas

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    pizza delivered in Vegas

    will be in Vegas in October and would appreciate some recommendations for the best Pizza with delivery service. to the strip area.

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    Can't make any recommendations but here is Yelp info.,+NV
    Not sure if anybody delivers to the Strip because ~75% of the casino/hotels have a pizzeria in them. Can say that Secret Pizza in Cosmopolitan and Five50 Pizza in Aria are both good but no delivery.

    Hope you do know that there are many extremely good restaurants up and down the strip. Wynn, Encore, MGM properties besides Excalibur and Luxor, Cosmopolitan, Venetian/Palazzo, Cromwell and Caesars Palace all have fine dining. Starbucks in every casino. For quick, light breakfast or lunch the Earl of Sandwich in Planet Hollywood or Caesars Palace suffices.
    You could possibly be one of the first customers at Christina Tosi's Milk Bar in the Cosmopolitan. Try the compost cookies and crack pie then write a trip report.

    Navigate up and down the strip with this map zooming in and out to see all the possibilities. Click on anything that catches your interest for a brief description.

      Baron Von Strucker: thanks Bootsy once wrote that five50 pizza was top top
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    Baron. I just tried to PM you but apparently you are not accepting PMs?

    Anyway if you do get pizza delivered on the strip you are going to get charged a hefty strip delivery fee and it usually takes forever to get the pizza in your hands so I do not recommend doing this at all.

    Feel free to PM me and I will be more than happy to help out.

      Baron Von Strucker: thanks Bootsy i added you to pm list cheers appreciate advice

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    Just uber to secret pizza at cosmo. Very good. I prefer 550 at aria but hours are more limited.

      Baron Von Strucker: thanks will defiantly be hitting up both of these places

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