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Art on the quarter mile by one and a quarter mile scale. Has been worked on since 1972. Michael Heizer is well funded by several foundations, museums and a family.

City, Michael Heizer's life-long project, is quite possibly the largest piece of contemporary art ever attempted. Because the artist is a very private individual, little is known about City, except that he has been working on it since 1972 (he claims 1970). Located in the remote desert of Nevada, City comprises five phases, each consisting of a number of structures referred to as complexes.

Phase One, about which most is known, consists of three complexes. "Complex Two" is the largest complex in the Phase One, and is estimated to reach 70-80 feet in height and a quarter mile in length. The complexes are made mostly of earth, and were inspired in part by Native American traditions of mound-building and the ancient cities of Central and South America. They include massive decorations, such as "stele" on Complex Two, and large, geometrically shaped metal bars on Complex One.

More details and some of the few photos known to exist of any completed bits.

Due to berms hiding the complexes this what is seen from the nearest road.
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