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Thread: IPhone problem.

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    IPhone problem.

    IPhone 6 is useless at the moment. When you turn it on it will not locate a network. Phone is in constant searching for network mode.

    Took it to the Apple store and was told that it is frozen due to traveling to different network zones and not transitioning to a new network. They say it is a rare occurrence that they are unable to fix. Apple did a network reset a complete phone reset along with software update. The phone is not under warranty so I was wondering if anyone here had any information that may fix this problem?

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    I am on the low end of the phone knowledge spectrum but nobody else is taking a shot.

    It is possible this is a problem with you carrier. I don't know if Apple has anyway of proving your account hasn't been cancelled or screwed up, for instance.

    Maybe I would ask for a new SIM card from the carrier.


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    100% get a new SIM from the carrier.

    You also might want to look into jailbreaking and then unlocking it, and see if that solves the problem.

    Try the new SIM first.


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    Sanlmar and Druff, Thank you. It is a broken SIM tray. I am trying to find someone who can repair it. Using older phone for the moment hoping not to pay roughly 1k to replace the broken one that I was perfectly happy with.

    Interestingly the Apple store never cited that as a possible issue. They say they cannot repair that problem. Kind of surprising to me. Tech is not a strong point so IDK. If someone is able to make the repair I will post the particulars.

    Thank you both.

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    Appreciate your following up. Interesting.

    So how was the SIM tray broken, I wonder? Mechanically broken - like its loose and not making presenting electrical contact with the card and the reader when it is pushed in?

    I am not gonna play with mine so I can look but I wonder if only one side of the card is the "business" end. Can I shim it with paper or something to force contact?

    Perhaps the reader itself has simply quit. That seems less likely than a mechanical failure. The reader is prolly not a sub assembly (part of motherboard) that can be replaced so you are likely fucked if this is the case.

    You diss the Apple tech ability but they gave you some clues (for free?)

    Try using a pencil eraser to clean the SIM card if you didn't get a new one. A Hail Mary. This is an old school prehistoric play

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    In no way am I recommending this, but I had success by super gluing my sim card to the iPhone tray. This has worked for 6 months but it will make any necessary sim card replacement challenging. Hopefully, either my phone or I will die first before I need to make a change.

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    I think he has switched service to another phone.

    He has no way of testing the problem device.

    It is curious to me that the phone does not present an error "unable to find SIM card" or something of that ilk.

    I just remembered cleaning the SIM with an eraser was something I did years ago for that problem.

    "Unable to find network" just smells of carrier issue. But I don't know shit. Just a feel.

    MrCommode, what specific problem were you attacking? Can't find SIM?

      JohnCommode: SIM card was moving in the tray. "Solved" with Super Glue. Thanx.

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