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    little trip report

    So I mainly play poker if i go to a casino, haven't played pit games for years. Last friday i went to a local casino(Hard Rock Casino Coquitlam BC) to play live cards first time for more than a year. called in before i left and got in the line the guy told me it was a one hour wait, i wanted to have dinner first so no big deal, I don't like eating at the table to much. I get there and shit the line was one hundred deep and they told me a few of the dealers didn't show up so three hour wait he told me FUCK me i was bumbed to say the least but what ever it was friday night and place was hoppen so i had good dinner and checked the list the 2/5 i was #6 on the list but that table could hang tight for hours before i get in and #30 on the 1/2 tables.....shit.

    I take a walk through the pit games and watch a bit and see a table called "ultimate texas holdem" (rules below) I watch a bit and decide to throw a hundred away and have a go, I have NEVER played this game before and the others realized that too so they start helping me and giving advice the table was min$10-$500 bet i of course bet the min 10 bucks i end up getting quads 3 times with in one and half hours.... felling pretty good up a bunch i get delt Q 10cc i thought i like this hand but for some reason i didn't bet pre flop (as much as 5 times your original bet flop came K J blank CCS I bet max at that point 2x original bet $20 fuck me i see the Ac As on turn and river. i get a Royal Flush for 500X my bet.... Over 5K I was in shock and thought sweet I won like 5 or 6 hundred as the math hadn't clicked in and then the dealer starts pushing me a stack of $500 chips and i am like WTF....sweet by that time there was at least 80 people at the table, and i really do not like that much attention so i bagged and left back to the poker room, I ended up playing for around 45 min but i couldn't concentrate so i cashed and went home up close to 6k.

    I feel i want to try this pit game again but i do realize that that aint happening again LoL, WE WILL SEE. well at least i have a decent poker kitty now.
    I know this isn't a lot of money but i never won 500X my bet ever.

    Basic Rules

    The player must make an equal wager on the “Ante” and Blind. An optional bet called “Trips” is also available as is the Progressive Jackpot sidebet.
    Two cards are dealt face down to each player and the dealer.
    After reviewing their cards, the player must decide whether to “Check” or make a “Play” bet equal to three or four times the “Ante”.
    The dealer then turns over three community cards. If the player previously checked, they may make a Play bet equal to two times their “Ante”. If the player already made a “Play” bet, they may not make any additional bets. They may also “Check” again.
    The dealer then turns over the final two community cards.
    If the player checked in both rounds previously, they must make a “Play” bet equal to the “Ante” or fold losing their 'Blind' and “Ante”.
    The player and dealer will make their best hand using a combination of their two cards and the five community cards. The dealer needs at least a pair to open.
    Pay offs for winning hands are made according to a pay table.

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      snowtracks: 500X REP
      Crowe Diddly: Fuckin' A! rep
      Hockey Guy: Sweet TR.
      IamGreek: OPA!!!!!!!!
      big dick: nice hit
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