In Pacana, NV (pop. 800-1K) about 160 miles from Las Vegas Wednesday the 13th. Primary bomb destroys bombers car to leave only the engine/transaxle and front suspension intact. Debris lands up to one mile away. Amazingly only the bomber dies. One minor injury from debris reported. Bomber drove his vehicle onto intended victim's front yard and parked with trunk of car nearest to house and detonated bomb. Wife and 3 kids in or near house ran away after bomber told them to run. Explosion appears to destroy house and leaves a crater about 6' diameter and 4' deep. Law Enforcement at Zuni Village RV Park in Kingman, AZ have been using 3 robots searching Thursday afternoon, night and this morning Fri 15th where the bomber had another "bomb making laboratory" in his trailer. About 100 ppl evacuated from park. If it seems strange as firemen and random locals work/wander around firetruck in Pacana, they are volunteers. Video and story here after a shitty ad. Video gets updated as necessary and might have better info than above or be a dead link in the future.

Still pictures, vid, map and story from Adelson's biased newspaper. Writers might get fired, they never praised Adelson.