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Thread: Another WSOP tournament spot I'd like to discuss

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    I will say that I have learned at these events that it's wise in the later stages to save chips for big hands where you feel good about getting it in, because people will have a tough time folding, and you want to give yourself the maximum opportunity in those spots.

    So I like the set-mining and the strong preflop hands that will play well in all-in spots, while I really don't want to deal with drawing hands or the QT/KQ/KJ/AT type crap which just end up roping you in to second best, and where one hand outkicked will eat most of your stack

    Or, simply put, since you don't get to play many hands to completion, you really want the ones you do play far to be of the variety where you're already in good shape.

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    Sorry Druff but I have to agree with the consensus that you're not really deep enough to set mine here. I think Harrington suggests 20-1 rather than 10-1 odds, which might be a little conservative, but baby pairs really lose their value with this sort of stack size. There's just too much chance that someone behinds you reraises, particularly when Jacobson is known to be opening light.

    If you remain convinced that set-mining is profitable here then why ask what to do on the flop? You missed your set so you fold.

    You have absolutely no showdown value (a tight, middle-aged white guy isn't getting called by Ace-high) so the only other way to play it is to bluff off all your chips, therefore raise the flop and move allin on the turn, just as you would with a set of 7s.

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    My go to would be to fold pre. I have never played in a WSOP but I would rather attack with my stack vice set mining.

    If I did get involved for some reason and villain is raising a lot of pots I prefer a three bet.

    As the hand stands now with this flop and a 5k bet I say fold > c/r > flat and fire turn. We never really any had initiative in this hand but if we had three bet pre and MJ calls and German folds (most likely scenario imo) we can fire tons of flops. Being out of position is usually a disadvantage but we can donkbet the shit out of this pot and take it down most of the time.

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