Looks like there's a good chance that the $3k 6-Max Limit Holdem will not return in 2017.

It had only 245 runners this year, compared to 319 last year.

Knowing they might kill the event, I wrote the following e-mail to Seth Palansky:


Please pass along this suggestion to Jack.

I noticed that the 6-Max $3000 Limit Holdem got a disappointing 245 runners, down from 319 last year. I fear that the WSOP might eliminate this event in 2017, due to the poor turnout.

I have spoken to other limit holdem players about this, and we have concluded that the solution is to bring back the $1500 Limit Holdem Shootout.

This return of this event will benefit both the players and the WSOP, for the following reasons:

1) It has always attracted more than 500 runners.

2) It is full ring, so it does not hog a large number of dealers or tables.

3) It ends quickly. Since itís in shootout format, each day tends to be over within 6 hours or so.

4) Most people really like this event, pros and amateurs alike.

In short, the WSOP expends fewer resources on this event than in other $1500 buyin events, and yet it attracts 500-700 runners and everyone enjoys it.

Please consider bringing this back next year, especially if the WSOP decides to kill the $3k 6-Max Limit Holdem.

Thank you.

-Todd Witteles

Still don't know why they killed the $1500 Limit Shootout, but it would be great to have it back.