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Thread: Jason Mercier bracelet bets...Will Vanessa Selbst have to pay him $1.8 million?

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    Jason Mercier bracelet bets...Will Vanessa Selbst have to pay him $1.8 million?

    Vanessa Gave Jason 180:1 Odds On $10K Against Him Winning 3 Bracelets

    According to Selbst, she made the Mercier bet when drinking and tried to buy out of it for $1,000 when sober, presumably the next day. However, Mercier refused. He also refused a $100,000 buyout this week after he won his first bracelet of the summer.
    Vanessa needs to grow some balls. It's still a long shot that Jason wins 2 more bracelets this summer.

    Jason Mercier is a four-time WSOP bracelet winner.

    In 47 years of the WSOP, someone having a three-bracelet summer has only happened five times. Jeff Lisandro last did it in 2009.

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    She sold the bet off

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    she's a dumbass.. first for making the bet, because 10 to 1 on anything is fucking stupid

    and 2, she sold the bet, bc at least here, she had a good chance to fade the bet as was pointed out before, the last time someone achieved this was 2009.

    its a good example of these pros talking shit while they're drunk, and then not owning up to their drunkness.

    maybe she needs to be a friend of Bill, since she obv makes a lot of bad decisions while drunk, or runs her mouth off.

    Good on Mercier for taking the bet.

    and it's a free roll of sorts for Mercier. Bc if he wins even one bracelt, he's won enough to cover his loss if he fails to win the other 2, and is then basically free rolling on the rest minus his 10k if he loses. So yeah, as long as you take the bet and know you at least grab one bracelet, it's a good bet to take.
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    Mercier scores #2 about an hour ago in the $10K HORSE...wonder how much Selbst supposedly bought out or hedged her side bet out for?
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    haven't read this yet, but The Ringer writers are generally pretty good, so probably worth a read.

    Tripling Down

    One man’s quest to win three coveted bracelets at the World Series of Poker — and the $2 million side bet he made on himself

    Jason Mercier is a 29-year-old professional poker player from Florida. He alternates between a beard and day-old scruff, between thick black glasses and a backward fitted and basketball jersey. He’s mild-mannered, and a little boyish. He seems at once distantly cool and intellectual. He wouldn’t be out of place in a lecture hall on an Ivy League campus, even though he’s several years removed from college. Forgive him if he seems trapped in that period. It was then that he discovered poker, about 10 years ago while a student at Florida Atlantic University, where some friends showed him how to play online. Like many of the top young poker players today, within a year Mercier had mastered playing 50 hours a week on 12 tables at a time. He has never looked back. Today he regularly plays in some of the biggest cash games around the world, and has become one of the top-ranked tournament professionals. He is a fixture at the World Series of Poker every year. This year, however, he is the star.

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    I wish they would have made a bet for her to cut that stupid hair. thats all

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    Mercier was on Dan Lebatard show this morning on ESPN Radio around 830am Pacific time.. Didn't get a chance to hear it but apparently its available on podcast.. Would be roughly mid show.

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