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Thread: Caesars fail? wsop updates page now wants you to log in

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    Caesars fail? wsop updates page now wants you to log in

    with either your google or facebook account.

    I'd prefer not to hand them my personal details (although I do have some burner google accounts).

    Sucks monkey balls as far as I'm concerned.
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    BTW JACKDANIELS is the first one banned from the thread. He is accusing me of being "duped by a middle aged man who dresses like John Cena"

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    Get Rid Of WSOP Signin Popup

    After listening to the last PFA radio show thanks to Khalwat's pro tip I made this short video on how to how to get rid of the annoying Facebook and Google sign in pop up for

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    Main thread about this (with workarounds) is here:

    The simplest workarounds are:

    PC: Use internet explorer

    iPhone/iPad: Download free "Dolphin browser" and use that

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