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Thread: Druff & Drexel Show - 04/27/2016 - Too Cheap to Die

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    Druff & Drexel Show - 04/27/2016 - Too Cheap to Die

    Northern CA Guy and Erik Ryland also co-host. Druff hit with chest pain, is too cheap to go to the ER. Daredevil makes contact with Druff after self-exile. Recent WSOP news includes Kevmath being appointed head of social media, change in headphones policy, return of the self-reported chip count app, a better method for long payout waits, and an announcement that Tatjana Pasalic will be joining the streaming team. Brandon and Druff debate about the concept of tipping above an auto-tip. Las Vegas Review Journal columnist quits due to ban on writing about owner Sheldon Adelson. Infamous poker world liar/multiaccounter/scammer DogIsHead (Hasseb Qureshi) appears in article about getting high-paying software job, but listener khalwat calls in to offer his own theory about the situation. New US-facing poker room "Ourgame Poker" is very suspicious and looks like it might be a scam. Jungleman claims that Tom Dwan once lost gigantic set-over-set pot for $20 million. Gambling underworld figure Paul Phua gives interview to Pokernews, denying allegations in the media. Pokerstars offers new "knockout poker" format. Cromwell adds 100x odds to craps game, and Colonel Fabersham calls there to get the true story. Brandon, a former craps dealer, talks craps with listener Bart Hanson. Erik Ryland has a gripe with Caesars regarding his hotel reservation. Ken Scalir calls and talks about his weekend at Coachella. Casino bonus whoring: "One and done-ing" casinos to generate freeplay. Prince died, PFA user called it 4 days early. NFL team coming to Las Vegas? Trump crushes in the northeast, is looking on path to secure nomination, while Ted Cruz makes a pointless move. NBA rocked with major injuries in playoffs. Are the Chicago Cubs finally going to do it this year? handicapme calls in to discuss the jsearles situation, and Druff gives a date when resolution will finally be had on the matter.

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