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Thread: Attain Caesars Diamond Status Through TR Visa

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    Attain Caesars Diamond Status Through TR Visa

    Pardon me if this has been posted before. I didn't see it if it was.

    Also, mods feel free to move this post. I only posted here so more people may see it.

    I got an email today from Caesars stating if I charged $4000 in purchases on my TR visa by July 8th, I would be elevated to diamond for a full year. The benefits it listed included the $100 celebration dinner, line passes and other small perks.

    What I am wondering if it will include the often comped room that you can book yourself online. I was diamond up until last month for the last two years. Other than playing briefly the Harrahs bot, I hadn't given Caesars properties any action.

    However, I was always able to get free rooms always at the lesser tier properties. Sometimes PH and Paris were excluded, but that was rare. Caesars was never comped but I would get offers in advance for time periods that I could stay there comped. Again, I hadn't given any serious action in 2 years to Caesars!

    I assume this offer is for everyone but I would check to make sure before you spend $4,000. I also wonder if you charged bills, gas, every day stuff etc and then whatever the shortfall was, say go to Best Buy and get a laptop or something with a 30 day policy or so and and return said product right after the diamond status was posted on your account.

    One other weird thing about the TR visa, which is offered by commenity bank. I was initially issued a 10k credit limit 3 years ago. On the main menu there is a tab that say "increase credit limit". I have pressed it every 90 days or so since I got the card and my limit is now a lol $37,400. I know for a fact it also does not do a hard credit inquiry and the credit limit (assuming you are approved) is instantaneous and available right away. I only use the card to check in when I stayed at Caesars properties and every few months to buy gas or a meal just to show activity.

    Oh and lol, my TR card was rejected at a Starbucks at Caesars due to suspected suspicious activity (a $6.00 frap) and it does not work to deposit on Caesars own I called the card issuer to inquire why and they lol stated they are opposed to online gambling. I tried explaining that Caesars, how it owns, how it's legal etc etc etc and was told it was illegal to use the card.

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      lewfather: suspicious $6 fraps yall
      Onestep: fuck you scumbag

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    Only in make believe garbage world are me and Drexel the exact same status according to Caesars.

    That's shit is so rich.

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    p.s. I saw Ted Forrest tilt his fucking mind off when he waited 2 hours for dealers choice cash at Rio Pavillion while diamond/seven star niggers trumped him in the wait list. I knew the guy was a bomb Tennis player and could put Layne Flack to shame with meth consumption but I honestly believed he was mild mannered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gut View Post

    That was obv a joke. Mod=fraud site owner=Druff

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    Brandon told me recently that he figured out this was only targeted to certain people. I figured I'd update this.

    A few other comments, though:

    - Diamond status will NOT get you more comped rooms. The only thing it will do for you room-wise is allow you to avoid the obnoxious resort fees. Your comp room offers are not related to your tier status, unless you are Seven Stars.

    - Increasing your credit line needlessly can be harmful to getting approved for future cards. Some banks worry that you have too much credit, and might decide one day to roll them by charging everything to the max and disappearing. Or that you'll go too crazy spending and become overwhelmed. You might want to call and have them decrease your credit line.

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