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Thread: Amaya trading halted wednesday

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    Amaya trading halted wednesday

    Insider trading by Baazov

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    Stock getting raped. Never trusted PokerStars or Amaya because too many jews involved. They are always looking to angle shoot.

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    It's certainly been brutal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snake_in_the_ass View Post
    Stock getting raped. Never trusted PokerStars or Amaya because too many jews involved. They are always looking to angle shoot.
    Initially, I thought this drop was a reaction to Druffs post last night.

    Anyway, I got out before New Jersey opened per plan. Sell the news. We all knew this would be underwhelming.

    The price was propped up by Baasov's threatened bid. Now Baasov is sidelined. So is the bid. Of course Baasov was pushing the edges. He is young, aggressive and fearless. But he may not have the experience to have developed a healthy respect for the consequences.

    I was tempted to buy the capitulation but this is one instance (combined with the fact it is too thinly traded) I decided I have had enough.

    Druff's observations about proper promotion and deposit methods and the like are issues which might bring incremental increases, at best. I have followed and trolled his observations about the Nevada site. There was always something more fundamental at play imo.

    We all played rotten software and jumped through endless gyrations with deposit and withdrawal. We still do. 2006-2011 some serious action existed - all under these circumstances.

    To his credit, Druff is coming to terms with the fact that no one really gives a shit anymore. I look at myself right now. I have a pretty decent deposit bonus due to expire March 28th from the FreeBuy promotion on ACR. All I gotta do is play break even ball on the play-thru and I have value. I just can't work up the interest.

    Put Sports betting on mobile and we will have a revolution. Not in this country.

    Good game. RIP.

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    I always had a lingering thought.

    Would PokerStars plant a bug through lobbying to shut down US facing sites? Blow up Bovada for instance?

    It might have served to amp up player activism. It would have removed the tax free alternative to legalized poker.

    Possible. Not so much now but it was a nuclear option.

    I woulda kept the ACR's and Bovada around as a minor league to keep US players engaged should Poker legislation change meaningfully.

    Said it before, we will look back on 2016 as the good old days. Couple decent sites and Bitcoin. Enjoy.

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    Nice job getting out of the stock.

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    These poker executives....can't....stop...being.....corrupt

    Quebec’s security regulator, the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF), has filed 23 charges in an insider trading investigation into Montreal-based Amaya Inc.’s $4.9-billion (U.S.) 2014 acquisition of Oldford Group Ltd., the owner of PokerStars.
    Also note that it's a Quebec prosecutor. Quebec has launched a "protectionist" assault against online gaming operations inside QC for some time now to protect its interests with their website, espacejeux, which is state run by QC's gambling operation, LotoQuebec. QC's courts and legislature are even trying to shut down to KGC and Bovada and other gambling sites that operate in the Kahnawake Mohawk Territory, despite sites operating in that territory having legal protections from taxes and other regulations (thanks to the govt of Canada history of cruelty towards Native Canadians resulting in a territorial sovereignty, just as the US has with Native American reservations here).

    A lot like how the latest over-ruling in Dutch courts saying poker is a game of luck (when initally it was ruled a game of skill) was spurred on by authorities arresting and busting up players who were running 10 Euro poker tournaments in their house (gambling in homes is illegal as the Holland Casino is state-run), this may be also politically motivated. But considering the fail associated with poker execs from FTP to UB to Lock, this comes as no real shock to anyone who has been following the online poker business for the last 10-16 years.

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    BUMP IT!

    Latest article from Pokernews says Canada has the goods on Baazov it would appear

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryback_feed_me_more View Post
    BUMP IT!

    Latest article from Pokernews says Canada has the goods on Baazov it would appear

    It's too early to tell what Baazov and Co.'s alleged law breaking will cost them, but the man who founded a company that became an online gambling giant is now out the door of said company and likely looking at substantial penalties from Canadian authorities.
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    Baasov removed his bid to acquire PokerStars/Amaya yesterday.

    WYSIWYG from here on out. Yawn.

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    fuck krypt
    would be pretty sweet if he does time

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