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Thread: I predict that Pokerstars New Jersey will be a failure

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    Think looking at Jersey as an isolated thing for stars is the wrong way to look at it...

    you have to look at it as, what is stars going to do now that they are in the US?

    can they:
    1. enter into more markets or more specifically get more states to legalize poker?
    2. leverage their position as the market leader to combine player pools? like NJ-PA or NJ-PA-NY?
    3. if they can accomplish #2, can they get the player pool on a national level (or at least a lot of states)?
    4. if they can accomplish #3, can they get the US reintegrated into an international pool again?

    if they can get to #3 and complete it I think that jersey would be a success...I think we are a loooooooooooooong way from there unfortunately...

    but if anybody was expecting stars to get 5 figure players on a nightly basis they were way overvaluing shit...just like what they did when they legalized online gaming in jersey...I think they were expecting $250M in revenues per year...right now they are at around 130-140...

    right now theyre getting 1000-1200 players...I don't think its that interesting to see what happens in the upcoming months...does that number grow/stay stagnant/shrink?

      jacosta24: it's going to grow when the twitching and the high stake games start

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    Another unintended consequence of PStars in the market:

    There were two dueling schools of thought on what the addition of PokerStars would mean for the 888 and network and for the PartyPoker and Borgata network.
    One side ascribed to the idea that most of PokerStars traffic would be siphoned from the existing operators. The other school of thought was PokerStars would reengage past players and their cannibalization of their competitors would be significant, but not crushing.

    While consumer choice is important, and sites who can't adjust and innovate enough to increase player engagement should face the consequences of could also lead to Pokerstars eventually monopolizing the market which would end up being a loss for poker consumers. Especially if they have a robust satellite system which would eat into Borgata and, who draw higher traffic around the time poker series come around as players try and satty into events.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hockey Guy View Post

    Holy fuck dude, did you even read the OP?

    Other than that, welcome to the forum.
    Yes, I read it. It's great to see that a-holes are alive and well in this forum, also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OracleOmaha View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Hockey Guy View Post

    Holy fuck dude, did you even read the OP?

    Other than that, welcome to the forum.
    Yes, I read it. It's great to see that a-holes are alive and well in this forum, also.
    I apologize. I thought it spelled out very clearly in the OP what he was defining failure as.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hockey Guy
    I'd say good luck in the freeroll but I'm pretty sure you'll go on a bender to self-sabotage yourself & miss it completely or use it as the excuse of why you didn't cash.

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    Pokerstars has been open to the public for almost two weeks now.

    Averaging 170 cash players.

    WSOP/888 now averaging 150 cash players, and Party/Borgata is averaging 100. Both of these sites have lost active players since Pokerstars started.

    So just as expected, Pokerstars has just taken some players from the existing sites, while some people clearly have all 3 open trying to get games.

    Overall, this appears to have had no impact on the NJ market, and I don't expect it to change in the coming months.

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    Come on Druff! Pokerstars NJ still has more players then SWC Poker.

    For what it's worth Pokerstars NJ isn't that far off from passing the Merge Network.

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