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Thread: LoL Hand Today Playing 2-5NL

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    LoL Hand Today Playing 2-5NL

    I have about 600

    Bad Guy has 400


    I have JJ mid position and raise to 20 (standard raise in this game)

    Guy on button calls, BB calls

    Pot = $62 minus rake


    Comes JA4 - Jack and 4 are Hearts

    BB Checks

    I lead for $60

    Button Folds

    BB Calls

    Pot = Roughly $180


    3 Hearts

    Board is now JA43 - Three Hearts

    BB Checks

    I bet $120

    BB Shoves in the rest

    I have to call

    BB Screams "Nuts, I got the Flush!" at top of his lungs all excited.

    Flips of Ah Kd --- WHOOOPS! Can't read his cards.

    Then of course there is no justice in the world and he spikes a 7H on the River to make the flush.

    I just sit down smile, and holler for chips.

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    Beaten by a drooling mongoloid is indeed painful. No way going to get him off that hand either way just bad luck.

      Daly: Drooling mongoloid rep.

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    I played the drooling mongoloid two nights ago. $40 pre 3 ways with 8-8. Flop A-8-3 rainbow. Player bets $60 I call, other folds. Turn 7. Player bets $100.... I tank shove for $245..... He knows he is beat and tables A-K....

    I flop over my "set" 8d......6c...... Whoops.......

    River 8.


      FRANKRIZZO: Did they get rid of the riff raff pitching nickles , shooting dice and drinking 40s in the parking lot though?

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