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Thread: Druff, Drexel, and Daredevil Show - 02/17/2016 - A December to Remember

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    Druff, Drexel, and Daredevil Show - 02/17/2016 - A December to Remember

    "Northern California guy" guest-hosts in place of Daredevil. Announcement regarding upcoming release of WSOP schedule. UB cheater Greg Pierson about to get licensed by Nevada Gaming Commission to provide legalized poker geolocation services. Sorel Mizzi being accused of cheating and multi-accounting AGAIN. Player at Palm Beach Kennel Club drops $13k in bathroom, then gets mugged for $13k in parking lot, then gets banned (we interview him). Full Tilt to merge into Pokerstars, but will keep software for now. Caesars bankruptcy plans collapsing, stepping closer toward destruction or major restructuring. Phil Galfond uses Pokernews to out the poker player who scammed him for $250,000. Hileah Park Casino gets slap-on-the-wrist fine for major violations/theft of tournament money. Are the Merge Network cashout problems really over? Chico Loco attempts to reserve a "room" at the infamous Bahamas refugee camp. Listener tbuck27 calls in with a follow-up to the Kennel Club story. Druff lays $2100 on Trump's success in South Carolina. Should Apple help the FBI break into dead terrorist's passcoded phone? Druff feels that the NBA All Star Game is a joke. In which major US sports does coaching matter the most?

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