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Thread: *** OFFICIAL *** MLB 2012 Thread

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    *** OFFICIAL *** MLB 2012 Thread

    So we're fully into spring training now, and less than a month away from opening day.

    Sorry, Willie, but the Cards aren't going to repeat. And this is coming from the guy who called them as the 2011 World Series champs at the beginning of the playoffs.

    I wish the Dodgers weren't in that huge ownership mess, and could build around the NL's best pitcher (Kershaw) and hitter (Kemp). At least they somehow managed to keep Kemp despite him being a free agent. They really need this ownership mess to be settled once and for all. If they could just put a decent team around those two superstars, they would easily take the NL West, as it's a weak division. I don't have much optimism that they'll finish more than a few games over .500, barring some major trades or surprise performances.

    My predictions for the 6 division champions:

    AL East: Yankees (Rays will give them a good run & make wildcard)
    AL Central: Tigers (win division easily)
    AL West: Angels (Rangers will give them a good & make wildcard)
    NL West: Diamondbacks (Giants or Dodgers may threaten, but neither will make wildcard)
    NL Central: Reds (Cards will be on their tail & make wildcard)
    NL East: Phillies (Braves will recover from last year's bedshit & make wildcard)

    Won't bother predicting playoffs because baseball is so streaky and sometimes the hot-but-not-best team (like the Cardinals in 2011) can win the whole thing.

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    Dodgers have agreed to sell to a group of investors including Magic Johnson.

    As for this season I can't wait we only got a few more days to go. Baseball and Football are my favorite pro sports but I enjoy hockey come playoff time. I used to like the NBA but now I personally don't give a damn about it anymore.

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