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Thread: Jeff Epstein and his massages

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    Jeff Epstein and his massages

    I want to see how this turns out. Watch the video in that article, and learn about who Epstein hob-knobs with. Bill Clinton, Alan Dershowitz, and Prince Andrew.

    My buddy used to do work for Epstein. He would fly my buddy all over the world to do audio/visual installs for him in all of his houses...including his private Island out by Atlantis. My buddy got sued by him. Buddy was told to do "X" by Epstein, but later, his assistant told my friend to change it to "Y". Buddy spends over 100K on equipment, and then Jeff says NO, I wanted "X". Refuses to pay and sues him. Buddy had to close his business down over it.

    Buddy saw all kinds of naked, young Russian girls parading all over his island. None of these accusations/charges surprise me.

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